The Crown by the Dark

Session 2 - Enter Senalyn Cor

This session began with the PCs having just left the Goblin Peach Pub after thwarting the attempted murder of Bobrick by goons of Jandis. After the scuffle, everyone quickly vacated the district, with Bobrick heading off to get his wounds tended to and find some hired hands to help out, and the PCs heading back to the safe house to regroup.

Later that night, the group reconvened outside the abandoned Crazy Horse Pub to investigate the ruins and assess what it would take to rebuild it into a base of operations for the ward.

Outside the Crazyhorse, Hermann, Sssss, and Vaus met with Bobrick, who had brought with him Senalyn Cor (PC – Dave’s character), and two goons, Maritin and Armen.
After the brief introductions were concluded, the group moved inside the Crazy Horse and set up a rope to climb down into the strange hole at the back of the pub. Once down there, Herman, Sssss, Vaus and Senalyn found themselves in a strange room made of different stonework than what was at street level. The magic users immediately noticed a series of powerful enchantments had been cast on the area to ‘preserve’ it, and concluded that the effect of these enchantments were extending out to the Pub above ground.
The room they were in had also had a long corridor that the PCs ended up following that lead to some sort of lab that, on investigation, had something to do with Homonculi construction, though only Senalyn and Sssss know about the homunculi, having kept that information to themselves. At the opposite end of this lab was a large iron door, which Senalyn proceeded to try and smash down with her bare hands.

It was at this point that Senalyn was contacted telepathically by a being that claimed to be a mage named Sybal Salamar residing on the other side of said iron door. When Senalyn relayed this information to the party, they thought she was legitimately insane, until, after some negotiation, Sybal agreed to provide us with a monthly stipend should we rebuild the pub. A letter of credit for 500gp was promptly passed under the door, much to the surprise of the rest of the party. Sybal also informed the party that she may occasionally pay us to ‘acquire’ certain goods. Herman informed Vaus that Sybal Salamar is wanted by the mages guild and has a price on her head (unknown how much).

The PCs then decided to leave the underground area, but found the rope they used to lower themselves into the hole had been cut. Sssss cast an illusion of Vaus standing at the top of the hole, which startled Maritin who spoke up, wondering how Vaus got out of the hole (and implicating himself in the cutting of the rope). After this, Senalyn made the rest of the party leave the room, and [REDACTED], leaving the rope conveniently placed for the party to climb back out of the hole.
For some reason, Bobrick stabbed Senalyn while in a state of panic. No one else understands what happened here.

The party departed the Crazy Horse, agreeing to reconvene there the next morning.



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