The Crown by the Dark

The first session


It’s the evening of the 10th anniversary of the assassination of the royal family. Convicted Syndicate members Herman, Vaus, the Lizardman and the Druid are chained together in a carriage that has just left the Iron Tower. We are on our way to be executed.

We were rescued from execution by a lady and an iron golem. She paid off the carriage drivers and there was some sort of prisoner exchange done. As a result, we are now legally dead, having been replaced by other poor folk in the executioners carriage.

Lady took us to an old Syndicate safe house in the Traveler’s District (now named the Crying District due to the unending rain). Gave her name as Alice. She has informed us that she is a Syndicate member and wants us to reclaim the district for the Syndicate. The district is currently run by a non-Syndicate thug named Jandis who owns all the muscle in the area. We have one month to get rid of him, and no support from the Syndicate beyond what we’ve already been given.

We have the use of safe house in the district, which is enchanted to remain hidden, but the enchantment is wearing off. There’s 1-2 weeks left until it’s gone. The enchantment is a variant non-detection spell, but does not let light travel past the outside windows.


While the group were surreptitiously casing the district, Vaus met Bobrick, an old frontman for guild, at the Goblin Peach pub, while Herman distracted onlookers. Bobrick explained recent history around the Syndicate. District operations were taken over by Luthor after the Purge, but he went missing about two weeks ago (might have been one of the guys who was put on that carriage in our place). Jandis appeared shortly afterwards and took control of the district by buying up all the available muscle. Lots of Syndicate members defected to Jandis. Bobrick thinks we may have been freed by the Syndicate to take over as district bosses, providing we can oust Jandis in time. Bobrick has said that we should try to find Elwin before we make any moves.

Shortly after we left the Goblin Peach, Bobrick was attacked by 3 thugs and, despite our intervention, shot in the shoulder by a crossbow bolt. Vaus cast darkness in the area and hauled Bobrick out without retaliating against the thugs, but one of them got a cheap shot in against Vaus (who has committed his face to memory and now bears him a grudge). Bobrick, the idiot, called out to Vaus, revealing his identity to his attackers, though he pronounced his name incorrectly (it’s Vaus as in House, not Vauss as in Gauss). In the confusion of the fight, Herman attempted to meld into the crowd to follow the thugs, but wasn’t able to track them to their destination.

The Plan

Our current plan is as follows:
Set up a base of operations out in the open, using popularity as our disguise. We’ll rebuild the old Crazy Horse Pub, a big venue with a hall at the back, that burned down during the war. It’s reputedly haunted, but we’ll have to deal with that. A quick investigation revealed that the flooring has a big hole that leads somewhere strange. We’ll be looking into that shortly.

Our operation should be initially funded with performances by Herman and effects by the Lizardman. We want to set up the only place with uncontaminated food, using the Druid to release bugs and rats into the kitchens of other inns.



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