Herman Grizwald

Cheeky Gleeman with a heart of gold (not actual gold)


Inherently good but makes bad decisions that lead him to fall in with the wrong people at times.


  • Skilled storyteller and actor.
  • Surprisingly quick with his hands after years of gambling and performing card tricks.
  • Learnt Orcish after having traveled in dangerous parts of the world and being captured on several occasions, it was necessary to entertain his way out of being killed.


  • Hopes to one day find his daughter and wife who may or may not be alive.
  • To travel and go on many grand adventures and see and experience the many different sights and cultures the world has to offer.
  • To write and perform epic tales as a playwright and gleeman.


Having no father to speak of, Herman would often accompany his mother, Claudette, to her place of work. A somewhat infamous playhouse, where the city’s wealthy and powerful come for a bit of edgy entertainment and to make back-room business deals, away from the prying eyes of the law. Herman was forbidden from leaving the servant’s areas his mother worked the floor as a serving girl.

Being rebellious by nature, Herman would sneak around the building’s various corridors, dodging behind curtains in the main hall and beneath well laden tables for an awe struck peek at the jesters, musicians, dancers, actors and storytellers that were often present at such affairs. Often ending up back stage where he would get to talk at length with the talented artist folk who would teach him bits and pieces of their trades.

Herman’s favorite times were hearing tales from the travelling gleemen and he wished to visit foreign lands and go on adventures worthy of epic tales.

Recruited by a small band of enterprising young performers and pickpockets, in his teens, he became quite skilled at earning a not-so-honest coin by swindling wealthy folk on the streets.

One day, his crew robbed the wrong nobleman. The man, some foreign diplomat or well connected merchant, whipped up a search for seemingly worthless, bronze signet ring with an eagle and stag engraving they had taken from his purse during a full cast, street rendition of ‘The Misty Mountain Peaks’. Unable to to say goodbye to his mother, for fear of being caught by the hired goons who watched their home, Herman left his earnings with a trusted friend and modest author to deliver to her when things had cooled down. The ring he threw into the fountain before leaving town and starting the next stage of his own epic story.

Herman traveled many lands, performing his way from tavern to tavern for a bed and a bite to eat and the occasional extra profit from a generous patron. He learnt many new tales from foreign travelers at pubs and other performers.

In his early thirties, Herman meets a beautiful, young singer by the name of Hilde, and was wed within the year. Before he knew it, his travelling ways had ended and he had begun to build his reputation as a writer, keeping the performing to more private parties among friends.

At the ripe old age of thirty three, Hilde was with child. Later that year, a healthy baby girl was born. Herman couldn’t be happier.

Skip ahead. Baby Fredrika is now five years of age. Hilde has the opportunity to sing in an opera in another country, four weeks travel by sea. The position would be for at least a year, so the family decide take a passenger ship and find a new home overseas. As their ship, the Galileo, begins to reach the mouth of the bay, a large wine merchant ship collides with theirs, breaching the hull. Hilde and Fredrika are lost in the confusion of people. The Galileo splits in two and both ships sink, debris, passengers, wine casks and crew all scrambling about to find something to hang on to, desperately calling to the longboats so as not to be pulled out by the strong current. Herman’s family is never found.

Herman is grief stricken and becomes destructive. Getting ever deeper into the underworld, swindling many unsavoury folk whilst gambling, he catches the eye of the Shadow Syndicate. They recognise his potential and plan to channel it for their own gain. Unable to threaten the man in his current state, they simply give him targets and allow him to talk his own way into the various graces of higher-ups with the intention of bringing down these people of influence or getting them in the Syndicate’s pocket.

Blah blah blah, stuff happens, Herman eventually pulls himself together emotionally but not before becoming entrenched with various parties in the Syndicate. Manages to get himself into a different role, more in line with his performing career and runs a playhouse similar to that of where he grew up.

Stuff happens. Syndicate purge. etc.

Herman Grizwald

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