The Crown by the Dark

Session 4 - The not-so-secret entrance
  • Started at Crazy Horse
  • Party decided that it was time to start gathering info about Jandis
  • Bobrick gave the following info about Jandis: Skinny looking bloke. Long dirty hair. Hunched over. Human. Middle-aged. Used to be a pick pocket. Partnered up with an infamous orc named Rook (big huge brute of an orc) to oust Luthor.
  • First tried the Gryffon House, heading over in the morning.
  • Gryffon House is an old tavern/inn/pub that was the base of operations for the Syndicate in the Ward before they got kicked out by Jandis
  • The party went to investigate Gryffon House
  • Found it boarded up
  • Party was spotted by lookouts in the area so decided to head to old secret entrance building nearby to sneak in.
  • At secret entrance, was spotted by more lookouts within the house, so Herman put on a show to distract them. It ended disastrously with Herman getting carried away with a racist anti-orc tirade and people started throwing rocks at Herman.
  • Vaus, Senalyn and Lael headed around the back of the house while Herman was on show.
  • Found some squatters upstairs being paid to stay there by Jandis
  • Vaus knocked out one who was asleep in a separate room, before scaring the shit out of the others with Lael and his summoned earth elemental
  • Tied them up and left them, after threatening to kill them
  • Quickly noticed that Herman went missing
  • He had been kidnapped by Arvein, who hit him with a poison dart and dragged him off to some sorta secret location
  • Herman was interrogated as to what he was doing in the Ward and how he was alive when he was supposed to be dead.
  • He ended up spilling the beans on everything, including Alice, after a valiant but ultimately pointless attempt to convince Arvein that he was released thanks to the intervention of a wealthy friend of his, Montgomery.
  • While Herman was being interrogated, Vaus and Lael were looking in the alleys next to the house for signs of where Herman might have gone.
  • While exploring the house, Senalyn ran into some of Jandis’s thugs who had been tipped off to the party’s location by a street informer.
  • The ensuing fight went disastrously for everyone.
  • Senalyn, attempting to persuade the thugs from entering the house, doused them with a firebomb, which set the place on fire.
  • Vaus, seeing this, bounded into combat with such enthusiasm that he threw his sword at the nearest enemy, disarming himself.
  • Lael summoned an earth elemental which was promptly killed and collapsed into a pile of rubble that fell through the floor and into the sewer under the house. He then cast obscuring mist, making sure no one could see anything.
  • Herman then showed up and started stabbing fools with his daggers.
  • The fire spread through the house.
  • Senalyn was thrown into the hole created by the earth elemental and started floating down the river. She was separated after the fight because of this and exited the sewers near the temple.
  • After a few more minutes of hitting things, most of the enemies were dead or fleeing, and the house collapsed.
  • Herman fired his blue scatter flare and the party separated to go back to the safe house.
  • Bobrick was told to start moving the party stash from the safe house to the Crazy Horse.
  • The party went shopping at the markets after the fight, except for Lael who was tired after healing everyone and decided to rest.
  • Vaus and Herman went to the Blades of War, a weapons dealer run by a full-blooded orc named Tarbok Orgstag
  • Vaus ordered an orcish spiked chain (20gp) and is coming back in a couple of days to collect
  • Herman bought some balanced throwing daggers after haggling Tarbok down with some orcish tales (in orcish) he learned from his travels with the tribes.
  • Party was spotted by Jandis’s goons within the shop, Vaus stepped out to challenge them to a duel but they refused to enter the shop.
  • After Lael was rested, party headed back to Gryffon House at night.
  • Was crawling with Jandis’s men, so decided to go looking for Arvein instead.
  • Pseudonyms for Arvein are Desler or Shadowcrow
  • Went to Creaker’s Alley in dwarves district, stopping in at the Anvil’s Tankard to ask around about Arvein.
  • Herman put on an amazing performance, earning the respect from all the dwarves along with a 6gp a night invitation to return next week to perform.
  • During the performance Senalyn asked the innkeeper, Ralag, about Shadowcrow and Desler but came up with no leads.
  • Spiritual leader of the Dwarves, Torvel, was arguing a dwarf called Arag.
  • Vaus walked up to them in the middle of the inn and announced that he had business to discuss. When asked what the business was, he said ‘Getting rid of Jandis’.
  • He was given a seat at the table and unmasked himself, revealing his tiefling heritage.
  • He was promptly bound taken into dwarven custody. They took him to the warehouse to interrogate him. Lael decided to join him.
  • Told Arag that he was a representative of the Shadow Syndicate and that the goals of the dwarves and the Syndicate were in alignment.
  • One dwarf assaulted him with the butt of an axe. Vaus added that dwarf to the shit list.
  • Was told that Sasha, Ogryn’s brother (Ogryn being the head of the clan), might be good contact within the dwarves.
  • While Vaus and Lael were being interrogated, Herman and Senalyn skidaddled out of the inn and tried to shadow the group holding the tieflings.
  • They lost them, but Senalyn drank her feral mutagen and started tracking the group in monster form.
  • Herman wasn’t quite sure what to think as he didn’t see the transformation. He has suspicions, though.
  • They encountered a dwarf lookout from the group keeping an eye out for followers.
  • Senalyn tried to intimidate him into giving up the group’s location, but was unsuccessful. She then smashed the dwarf into the pavement.
  • Vaus negotiated his release, and told the dwarves that if they needed to contact him, they should leave a message in the cache in the old safe house (which Bobrick has been told to check every 10 hours now), after which Vaus will find them.
  • After leaving, Vaus and Lael encountered Senalyn in monster form (not knowing who it is), but a confrontation was avoided.
  • The party has moved its base of operations to the Crazy Horse.
Session 3 - Dwarves, Thugs and Falling Wardrobes

11:24 PM, Sunday, 20th Neth 4714
The party leaves the Crazy Horse heading back to their temporary home after a strange and exhausting night. Pelted with the never ending rain that gives the district its name, The Crying Ward, the party arrives at the Safe House to discover Alice sitting comfortably at a table sipping a glass of wine. Behind her is her ever present Golem “friend” and to either side of her is two new faces, a dashing looking male human, and a large figure with a black scarf covering his face and grey hat.

The party learn that the reason for Alice’s impromptu meeting is to inform them that the Syndicate is getting impatient with their lack of progress towards bringing down Jandis and the rebels. She warns them that they should push things along and offers two new recruits to aid them in their goal.

The two new members introduce themselves as Martell, a male human rogue, and Lael, a male tiefling cleric. Once introductions are made the party begins discussing their plans. After some back and forth it becomes clear that Alice and the Syndicate are justified in their displeasure at the group’s lack of progress. The group has no information on Jandis’ appearance, employees, his base of operations or even who his enemies and friends are. With that in mind the group decides it’s time to push things along.

Martell reasons that if Jandis is in control of the ward then he must have a hand in most of the commerce, both legal and illegal, and therefore must have a way to import things in. The most logical way for him to do that is through the docks. The group decides that it’s time they checked out the docks.

12:25 AM, Moonday, 21st Neth 4714
On the way out the group bump into Bobrick, who somehow managed to find their location and thus learning that the Safe House isn’t as safe as they first assumed. He offers to show them the way to Senalyns home. The group head North-East along Harbour Road to the Rowan’s Breadshop pick up Senalyn and head to the dock.

12:45 AM, Moonday, 21st Neth 4714
Split into two groups, with Herman (disguised as a spritely old lady), Martell and Lael (disguised as a noble male elf) leading the way, and the Vaus, Senalyn and Sss following 20 feet behind. The party heads back South-West along Harbour Road towards the docks. After several minutes the front group members are approached by three armoured and armed human men, perhaps assuming that the group is an easy target for robbery. After some threatening words from the thugs Vaus reveals himself from the shadows and approaches the group, removing his hood and revealing himself as a tiefling, and threatens to eat the thugs’ faces. The thugs run away as fast as they can. The group then returns to their original groups and continue to the docks.

1:01 AM, Moonday, 21st Neth 4714
The group arrives at a 30 foot wall surrounding the docks made out of carved stone, different from the walls surrounding those separating the wards. Lael, Herman and Martell approach the gate where two dwarves, in mail armour and axes strapped to their sides, are standing guard. The dwarves initially react aggressively, informing the group that this is a private dock and that “Jandis can shove his offer up his ass”. Martell successfully calms the dwarves down and offers the groups help with Jandis. One of the dwarven guards leaves returning shortly later with another dwarf with a thick black beard and several gold chains around his neck, presumably the leader. The new dwarf introduces himself as Arga and agrees to talk about the offer to help with Jandis in the morning, but expresses his concern at what an old lady, scrawny elf and pretty human can do to help them.

1:37 AM, Moonday, 21st Neth 4714
The group splits up and leaves the docks, with Senalyn being escorted by Herman back to the Rowan’s Breadshop, Lael and Martell deciding to each go off and explore the ward and the rest of the group heading to the Safe House.

1:55 AM, Moonday, 21st Neth 4714
After escorting Senalyn most of the way to the Bakery, Herman notices the thugs from earlier hiding and talking in whispers in a laneway nearby. Sneaking up in order to listen in on their conversation, Herman spots roughly half a dozen thugs. One of the thugs from earlier mentions to the others that Jandis is offering a big reward to any who can kill the tiefling. Herman decides that he should warn the rest of the group but can’t risk losing the thugs. He decides to improvise and magically light up the sky. Unfortunately for Herman the rest of the group does not notice the lights (and wouldn’t know what they mean even if they had) but the thugs do. Spotting Herman in the shadows three of the thugs confront him and ask what he’s doing there. Again improvising Herman burst out into a wonderful tale, attempting to use his charm to dissuade the thugs from shanking him. Unfortunately again for Herman the thugs aren’t interested in his story and decide to attack him. Acting quickly Herman tries one last trick and creates a sound of yells coming from a nearby laneway and although the sounds do not dissuade the thugs from attacking him, he get the attention of Martell and Lael.

Suddenly a large explosion blows back the thugs and Herman, knocking them to the ground. Two thugs regain their feet before anyone else is able to react and run off. Before the third thug can do the same Herman throws two daggers with the intention of restraining the thug to the wall. The first dagger misses entirely and the second hits but doesn’t have enough force to go through the thugs hand and stick into the wall. Lael enters the fray from the laneway where Herman had created the sound and cast command on the last remaining thug, ordering him to halt, with the intention of taking him back to the Safe House and interrogating him for information about Jandis and the thugs. Before any of that can happen though a large creature burst out of the shadows behind the thug and tears him apart, then turns away and runs back into the shadows. Lael quickly runs after the beast but after a while the beast notices that it’s being followed and turns around and screams at Lael, then turns and continues to flee. Deciding it best to rendezvous with the rest of the group before attempting to engage with the beast, Lael leaves and heads back to the Safe House.

2:00 AM, Moonday, 21st Neth 4714
Meanwhile Martell has arrived on the scene of the messy murder and decides to hide in the shadows and observe how the guards deal with the murder. After a while some guards show up to investigate and one of them spots Martell hiding nearby. Martell convinces the guard that he was on his way home and the guard offers to escort him. He decides that walking towards the Rowan’s Breadshop would give him enough time to come up with a plan to lose the guard. One the way Martell eventually convinces the guard that he’s close to home and safe. Once the guard heads back, Martell returns to the site of the murder and this time is able to successfully hide and listen in on the guards. He hears one guard mention Jandis and that he believes it was Jandis’ men who were responsible for killing the thug.

Lael heading back to the Safe House gets spotted by a guard and lies to him, saying that he was just out looking for a temple as he was new to the city and needed to find some solace. The guard believes the lie and tells him that he should look in the morning and to head back home as it was dangerous to be out tonight.

2:15 AM, Moonday, 21st Neth 4714
Once everyone, except Senalyn, is back at the Safe House Herman, Lael and Martell describe to the rest of members present what had happened, including the conversation he overheard of Jandis putting a price on Vaus’ head.

The group discusses the importance of having some kind of magical signal. Using the Dancing Lights and Ghost Sound spells the group decides on the following:

Red Light: “Do not come in this direction”
Green light: “Come in this direction”
Blue light: “Scatter”
Morpork owl hoot: “Come in this direction”

3:01 AM, Moonday, 21st Neth 4714
After a tiring day and night the party finally decides to get some sleep.

8:00 AM, Moonday, 21st Neth 4714
Vaus and Lael wake up before the rest of the group. Lael decides to go inform Senalyn that the group is planning to meet at the Crazy Horse at noon.

8:12 AM, Moonday, 21st Neth 4714
Lael arrives at Rowan’s Breadshop and decides to buy some bread, after purchasing some bread he hears a commotion outside. Once stepping outside he sees three thugs arriving at the Bakery. Assuming they’re Jandis’ men Lael decides to try to stall them. He offers one member bread but the thug knocks the bag out of Lael hands and aggressively tells him to move aside. Meanwhile the other two thugs move around Lael and into the store. With the situation getting out of hand and not wanting Senalyn to be murdered in her sleep, as it would be an inconvenience explaining that to Alice, Lael threatens the remaining thug (hostilely telling him to pick up the bread!) with the intention of either intimidating the thug to leave or starting a noisy fight that would wake up Senalyn. The thug opts for option 2 and attacks Lael, with a wicked slash of his sword cutting deep into Lael shoulder. Badly wounded and dazed by the attack Lael takes a wild swing at the thug, but misses completely and instead spins around in circles. With the situation out of hand suddenly a wooden chest falls from the sky grazing the thug. Noticing that it was Senalyn who had released the chest on to the unsuspecting thug, Lael quickly slicks away into the shadows.

12:00 PM, Moonday, 21st Neth 4714
Once everyone has arrived at the Crazy Horse, including Bobrick who was napping there, Senalyn voices her displeasure at Lael leading the thugs to her home. Lael explains that the thugs being at her home had nothing to do with him as the only time they had seen him was as a disguised elf the night before. Vaus mentions that the entire group needed a safe place to stay seeing as the “Safe House” was so easily located by Bobrick. It’s decided that the group would spend the day meeting with the dwarves and arranging things that are needed to get the Crazy Horse

Session 2 - Enter Senalyn Cor

This session began with the PCs having just left the Goblin Peach Pub after thwarting the attempted murder of Bobrick by goons of Jandis. After the scuffle, everyone quickly vacated the district, with Bobrick heading off to get his wounds tended to and find some hired hands to help out, and the PCs heading back to the safe house to regroup.

Later that night, the group reconvened outside the abandoned Crazy Horse Pub to investigate the ruins and assess what it would take to rebuild it into a base of operations for the ward.

Outside the Crazyhorse, Hermann, Sssss, and Vaus met with Bobrick, who had brought with him Senalyn Cor (PC – Dave’s character), and two goons, Maritin and Armen.
After the brief introductions were concluded, the group moved inside the Crazy Horse and set up a rope to climb down into the strange hole at the back of the pub. Once down there, Herman, Sssss, Vaus and Senalyn found themselves in a strange room made of different stonework than what was at street level. The magic users immediately noticed a series of powerful enchantments had been cast on the area to ‘preserve’ it, and concluded that the effect of these enchantments were extending out to the Pub above ground.
The room they were in had also had a long corridor that the PCs ended up following that lead to some sort of lab that, on investigation, had something to do with Homonculi construction, though only Senalyn and Sssss know about the homunculi, having kept that information to themselves. At the opposite end of this lab was a large iron door, which Senalyn proceeded to try and smash down with her bare hands.

It was at this point that Senalyn was contacted telepathically by a being that claimed to be a mage named Sybal Salamar residing on the other side of said iron door. When Senalyn relayed this information to the party, they thought she was legitimately insane, until, after some negotiation, Sybal agreed to provide us with a monthly stipend should we rebuild the pub. A letter of credit for 500gp was promptly passed under the door, much to the surprise of the rest of the party. Sybal also informed the party that she may occasionally pay us to ‘acquire’ certain goods. Herman informed Vaus that Sybal Salamar is wanted by the mages guild and has a price on her head (unknown how much).

The PCs then decided to leave the underground area, but found the rope they used to lower themselves into the hole had been cut. Sssss cast an illusion of Vaus standing at the top of the hole, which startled Maritin who spoke up, wondering how Vaus got out of the hole (and implicating himself in the cutting of the rope). After this, Senalyn made the rest of the party leave the room, and [REDACTED], leaving the rope conveniently placed for the party to climb back out of the hole.
For some reason, Bobrick stabbed Senalyn while in a state of panic. No one else understands what happened here.

The party departed the Crazy Horse, agreeing to reconvene there the next morning.

The first session


It’s the evening of the 10th anniversary of the assassination of the royal family. Convicted Syndicate members Herman, Vaus, the Lizardman and the Druid are chained together in a carriage that has just left the Iron Tower. We are on our way to be executed.

We were rescued from execution by a lady and an iron golem. She paid off the carriage drivers and there was some sort of prisoner exchange done. As a result, we are now legally dead, having been replaced by other poor folk in the executioners carriage.

Lady took us to an old Syndicate safe house in the Traveler’s District (now named the Crying District due to the unending rain). Gave her name as Alice. She has informed us that she is a Syndicate member and wants us to reclaim the district for the Syndicate. The district is currently run by a non-Syndicate thug named Jandis who owns all the muscle in the area. We have one month to get rid of him, and no support from the Syndicate beyond what we’ve already been given.

We have the use of safe house in the district, which is enchanted to remain hidden, but the enchantment is wearing off. There’s 1-2 weeks left until it’s gone. The enchantment is a variant non-detection spell, but does not let light travel past the outside windows.


While the group were surreptitiously casing the district, Vaus met Bobrick, an old frontman for guild, at the Goblin Peach pub, while Herman distracted onlookers. Bobrick explained recent history around the Syndicate. District operations were taken over by Luthor after the Purge, but he went missing about two weeks ago (might have been one of the guys who was put on that carriage in our place). Jandis appeared shortly afterwards and took control of the district by buying up all the available muscle. Lots of Syndicate members defected to Jandis. Bobrick thinks we may have been freed by the Syndicate to take over as district bosses, providing we can oust Jandis in time. Bobrick has said that we should try to find Elwin before we make any moves.

Shortly after we left the Goblin Peach, Bobrick was attacked by 3 thugs and, despite our intervention, shot in the shoulder by a crossbow bolt. Vaus cast darkness in the area and hauled Bobrick out without retaliating against the thugs, but one of them got a cheap shot in against Vaus (who has committed his face to memory and now bears him a grudge). Bobrick, the idiot, called out to Vaus, revealing his identity to his attackers, though he pronounced his name incorrectly (it’s Vaus as in House, not Vauss as in Gauss). In the confusion of the fight, Herman attempted to meld into the crowd to follow the thugs, but wasn’t able to track them to their destination.

The Plan

Our current plan is as follows:
Set up a base of operations out in the open, using popularity as our disguise. We’ll rebuild the old Crazy Horse Pub, a big venue with a hall at the back, that burned down during the war. It’s reputedly haunted, but we’ll have to deal with that. A quick investigation revealed that the flooring has a big hole that leads somewhere strange. We’ll be looking into that shortly.

Our operation should be initially funded with performances by Herman and effects by the Lizardman. We want to set up the only place with uncontaminated food, using the Druid to release bugs and rats into the kitchens of other inns.

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