Senalyn Cor

Female Alchemist


I am a female Alchemist, due to this not being usually acceptable unless I play up the witch aspect I have had to fight every step to be seen as any good. I was a vain child and started trying to mix my own make up and unguents as my father could not afford the fancy ladies stuff.

My father was a labourer who was part of a crew that was farmed out to the nobles and as my mother passed away during child birth I was brought onsite a lot with my father and got to see how the other half lived.

I make most of my money selling cheaper ladies perfumes and make up however after dealing with the upper parts of nobility I have come to resent them and detest what they are instead of what I thought they were.

My main goal in life used to be trying to find a rich husband who was a noble and becoming one of them, however I have started to dabble in the darker arts of alchemy and have caught glimpses of what is possible down that path which is much more exciting.

Add in the fact that the only way for me to test if something works correctly is to try it on myself this has taken its toll on my mental state. I have trouble sometimes deciding if something is real or if I am imagining it.

I am mostly seen as crazy already as I dress oddly and have once dyed my hair a deep purple and it has stayed every since.


Senalyn Cor

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