Vaus Oldon'Samuum

Tiefling warrior and part time accountant.



Vaus Oldon’Samuum


Vaus has taken to dressing dramatically, playing up his tiefling heritage for the sake of stagecraft. Vaus is a tall, muscular man with deep red skin, two small black horns on his forehead and a prehensile tail. He has white hair, which he has grown long over the last two years, and tends to dress in dark, loose fitting robes with a wide ornamental belt. He has a long handled masterwork broadsword, a heavy spiked chain, and an ornate set of Chelish armor that he mixes and matches with various outfits he wears.



Vaus is a 68 year old male tiefling with a world weary demeanor.

He has been cursed with the same dream every night for as long as he can remember. In this dream he wakes up as he fell asleep and is wandering alone in a world filled with dark, indistinct shapes, sometimes for hours. Each night, after a time, he is attacked without warning by a sword that flashes out of the darkness. He has never lived through a dream. Vaus didn’t realise the dream was unusual until he spoke to his brother about it. He thinks it’s unfair that only he is subjected to this, but has no idea what to do about it, having spoken to all manner of academics and scholars, none of whom have been able to help him.

Vaus was born into the Oldon lineage of the Samuum family, a Chelish dynasty of wealthy and powerful tiefling conjurers that can trace their ancestry back over a millenium to the infamous Balor patriarch, Samuum. The family have summoning contracts binding them to various power groups throughout the planes. He was trained from birth to be a conjurer, studying under his uncle, Igdacht Rantzar’Samuum.

His dreams rendered him incapable of concentrating on his studies, and he was an average apprentice at best. His tutelage was abruptly terminated at 36 years old after Vaus refused to sign the Contract of Blood Rights, a magical contract inked in the summoned presence of Erondachtor, the demonic steward of the Samuum dynasty. Signing the contract would have granted him the right to summon powerful planar beings, but he would have been bound in the service of Samuum.

This rejection brought great shame his lineage, as he is the first member of his dynasty to ever refuse the signing. His father, Koral Oldon’Samuum, as patriarch of the family, was publicly humiliated and lost a lot of prestige. His father has ordered all ties between Vaus and the family to be cut. Vaus was given a small gift of gold from his uncle, enough to survive comfortably for a few years, and cast out to fend for himself. He still writes to his uncle on occasion and has an amicable relationship with him.

Vaus left the Kingdom of Cheliax and traveled for a time. He eventually settled in Talerharn ten years after leaving Cheliax, where he took up work as part of a street gang working in the employ of the Shadow Syndicate. It was here that he was given a simple wooden club to defend himself with. That night, he awoke in the dream carrying the weapon he had been given. Since then, he’s tried using a wide variety of weapons to fight back against the sword in the dream. After years of experimentation, has come to prefer the use of a flexible weapon, the Orcish spiked chain. He’s never had formal instruction, but every night he’s fighting for hours in his dreams, and this is where he learns. Vaus has never been able to identify who he is fighting in his dream, other than the fact that it is a shadowy humanoid opponent. He’s not sure if this is a property of the dream, or a property of his opponent. Whomever or whatever it is, the opponent is patient, decisive, supremely skilled, and merciless.

Vaus saved his money and rose through Syndicate ranks over the next decade, eventually becoming a small time loan shark. He was operating illegally (but with sanction from the Syndicate) within the Travelers District of Talahau to avoid oversight from the banks and other local authorities. He used the threat of his fighting skills to help him collect outstanding debts. For a time, Vaus also ran a small protection racket for some of the district businesses, including the Crazy Horse Pub.

During the purge, he was captured by authorities and has spent the last ten years in the Iron Tower. For the duration of his incarceration, he has faced his dreams with naught but his bare hands, and is now a competent hand-to-hand fighter. He still resides in his cell in the Tower, awaiting his inevitable fate on death row.


Vaus has a weary, old-soul manner about him, as he’s never been able to sleep well, but he’s more resigned to his dream-fate now than he is scared of it. His blunt, in-your-face approach to conversation coupled with his dry sense of humor tends to upset a lot of people.

Vaus is generally reasonable, but has a rebellious nature due to his upbringing. He is not without compassion, but does not deal well with people who try to take advantage of him. He avoids fighting where possible, but gets a bit twitchy when threats get thrown around, particularly at people he cares about. He also knows how important it is for him to keep his reputation as a dangerous man current, particularly in his line of work. Vaus is not religious at all.

He has not yet come to terms with his dreams and, while bitter about the fact that his dreams have denied him one destiny (as a conjurer), he hasn’t yet come to terms with the possibility that they may give him another (as a warrior). Deep down, he just wants to understand his dreams. What do they mean, and why are they happening to him.

Vaus Oldon'Samuum

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